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So far we have discussed the finer points of web design and creation for search engine optimization (SEO) that are too often overlooked by designers. Google manages approximately 64% of all searches on the Internet. This is an incredible number that validates why you should cater to the Google method of SEO.

Here is some advice from Google which is somewhat redundant of what has already been discussed, but still worth reiterating. These important points are offered on their Google AdWords Guidelines pages. Google wants to enter into an advertising relationship with you, sounds pretty good.
- Provide relevant and substantial content. Content is King and keywords are the Queen. Just throwing keywords at a page without thoughtful content may get people to your site as a result of a keyword search; however, if your visitors donít find the value in your site of what they are looking for, they will leave without much of a look. And if they clicked on one of your Google AdWords ads, you have just paid for that useless visit and got nothing for it.
Google also suggests:

- The page should contain information that is useful and accurate about the product or services searched.
- Your landing page MUST be relevant to the keyword search used to find it. If it is not, it will be viewed as a waste of time and the viewer will leave hoping to find what they want on the next page in the search.

- Give your visitor relevant and useful information before you require them to subscribe or register. If the pre-register content has value, they will be eager to register to get more. Asking a viewer to register or subscribe isnít really free, give them a good reason to do it.

- You must keep your ads, banners and affiliate links to a normal non-overloaded minimum that is relevant to content. When a visitor arrives at your website and it is filled with ads and little content, they will eave quickly. The visitor is coming to your site to find answers to their questions or solutions to their problems.

- Unique content will set you apart. If your page looks like 100 other sites on the net, why would someone choose you over them? The importance of this unique content has to be handled delicately if you write and publish articles. [More on this topic in a later lesson.]

- By providing exactly what your site offers, you will not be considered misleading. This tactic may work at a grocery store, but it can keep people from ever coming back to your website.

- Honor your deals. The most successful businesses, either online or offline, make a promise than over-delivers to the customer. By delivering over and above what you offer, you will distinguish your business and set it apart in the eyes of your clients. It is not the first sale that is the business-building sale. It is the second, the third and fourth sale that make your business a success.

- Always protect client information and privacy responsibly. Just as you would want your personal information managed correctly, so should you be able to insure that your privacy policy is clearly stated, and more importantly, clearly followed.

Google's guidelines seem to be reflective of common sense, yet too many web owners forget these details and send up either abusing or neglecting that ever-important component to their business: the customer.

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