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One of the most important factors that affect search engine indexing your web pages for search engine results pages (SERP) positioning and page rank is changing website content. If your pages are published but never updated or changed, you will never be ranked high enough to show up in the first few pages of a SERP. Changing content regularly is very important.

Keep your web site fresh. You've spent hours upon hours coming up with keyword-rich content with value for your viewers. Now you are being asked to change it? There are a few methods for providing a changing landscape on your website and satisfying search engines without dramatically changing content.

RSS News Feed
If you locate a feed that is pertinent to your business, you are providing your viewers with information of interest and the search engines see your page changing daily - even hourly - avoiding the stale content issue. In fact, however, using an RSS Feed, which is a linking script that automatically searches the Internet for information relevant to the feed, is less important for your viewers than it is for the search engines.

I am sure you have a lot to say about what you do, its offerings and the industry in general. Post this to your website on a regular basis. Nothing looks worse on your website than a quarterly newsletter for the first quarter of last year. Also consider tandem delivery methods for your newsletter such as a link to a downloadable PDF file, emailing the newsletter with text intact and with a link to the website as well as a link to the downloadable PDF file.

Posting announcements about employee awards or promotions, product changes, special product offerings or government regulations that affect your business or product is a great way to update content. These do not have to be timed as stringently as newsletters but should be changed or updated at least monthly. Old news is no news.

Contact Information
Update your employee roster when they leave or new ones are hired. Update phone numbers to your website immediately. If you have client information on your website, make sure it is always up to date. Attention to these details impacts how your potential clients will view your attention to detail when you work with them.

Checking Link Validity
Check all of the links in your website and make sure they work. Any links to old websites that are no longer up or dead links that are inputted wrong will only hurt you.

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