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On average you will touch your client in one way or another 7 times before they will do business. That doesnít mean that a person has to come to your website 7 times before they will purchase.

Sales are very rarely made in the first pass. That contact may be in the form of a Pay-per-click (PPC) advertisement that brings them to your website's home page where they then go to your product page and finally look at your FAQ, etc., etc. That might qualify as three contacts since the points of contact were different.

There are several aspects that make this a perfect tool for you as a contact manager. One of the best ways for you to stay in touch with your client is using an Autoresponder system. The steps you take to implement an Autoresponder contact system:

Step 1: Import or input your contacts into the Autoresponder for validation. Any good AutoReponder will require that your contact list be validated once entered into your system for usability. That is, your contact must validate that they, indeed, do want to be on your list to avoid the perception of spam. Don't let your feelings get hurt if some of your contacts choose not to opt-in to your email campaigns or auto responders. 

Step 2: Create a subscription form that is easy to fill out and displayed on your homepage. This will give the website viewer an opportunity to sign up for whatever you are offering (newsletter subscription, free offer, announcement lists, etc.). An example of a subscribe form can be seen at:

This leads the subscriber to the next step.

Step 3: Ensure that your new member validate that they indeed want contact to you in a validation email. The email that is sent to them should be edited by you to remind them that they subscribed to your mailing list and why. This is important in case they don't jump over to their email inbox immediately after subscribing and then wonder the next day what this email is all about. Thank them for signing up and let them know they will not receive spam, by redirecting them to your privacy policy or by stating your privacy policy very clearly in this email. Then instruct them to click on a link below to complete their registration process for your subscription list. This technique covers you and protects them.

Step 4: The subscription to your email can be tips & tricks, a series of lessons, or a newsletter. The nice thing about this process is that once you have written and posted the item you are sending to your subscribers, it works for everyone who signs up.

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